Fortnite: Battle Royale is a building game. High-level players and professional video game streamers of Fortnite may have different preferences in terms of favorite drop zones and weapon loadouts, but they all have one thing in common: high caliber building ability.

Yes, the game is jam-packed with action and gun fights but the main factor that separates Epic Games’ take on the Battle Royale genre is its fort building mechanic. Yes, you can win engagements with head shots. Yes, you can run in with a shotgun and come out on top. However, at the highest levels of the game, time and time again the one who comes out on top is literally the one on top. That is, the one who can build highest, fastest, and most efficiently.

As the saying goes, you gotta walk before you can run and in Fortnite, you gotta mine before you can build. In this video, we reveal a trick to mining for resources that is especially useful when mining metal, walls, or any flat surface. This video will teach you how to hit the sweet spot every time.

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