Spike Chunsoft is a developer well known for their adventure games. For a limited time until July 6th, 2018 you can enjoy up to 70% off select Spike Chunsoft titles on Steam. Some titles are priced at under $10 or even $5. Major titles include every game from the highly acclaimed Dangonronpa murder-mystery series, every game from the Nonary Games or Zero Escape series, and many more. Titles range from 20% off to 70% off and are definitely worth the price.


Out of all the titles on sale, perhaps the most unique is the Danganronpa series. Dangonronpa is an adventure, murder-mystery interactive novel, with enough gameplay elements to title it a video game as opposed to a visual novel. In Danganronpa, the rules are simple: get away with murder and you are free to go, be caught in the act and you will receive a punishment worse than death. Players must unlock the mysteries of Hope’s Peak Academy, the school they are being held captive in, all the while solving murder cases to avenge their fallen classmates.

The Danganronpa titles are available on steam for 30-40% off individually or as a bundle with all 3 games at a discounted price.



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