Whether you’re a Fortnite pro, novice, or newbie, make sure you’re not making one of these 3 common mistakes. Learning how to deal with the basics of reacting to enemy fire, gathering materials early on in the game, and building small forts can be the difference between losing in the first bubble and earning that Victory Royale. So without further adieu here are the 3 Rookie Mistakes You Should Never Make in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

3. Shooting Before Building

3 Rookie Mistakes You Should Never Make in Fortnite - shooting before building

What sets Fortnite: Battle Royale apart from other battle royale games like PUBG or DayZ is the ability to build. Saying you’re not a builder in Fortnite is like saying you’re not a miner in Minecraft. The very essence of the game is building thus the word “fort” in the title of the game. Fortnite, before any battle royale mechanics were added, was simply a tower-defense style game which centered on building.

Therefore, one of the biggest mistakes players make is to immediately start shooting opponents as soon as they come into view. This is a mistake and often a fatal one. For beginners to novice players as a rule, always build first. Regardless of how far or how close the opponent is, get a wall and a ramp up between you and the enemy before shooting. This way, if you get attacked from a different angle all you have to do is spam walls all around you for cover. Then you have a few seconds of breathing time before deciding how to react.

If you just start shooting and don’t immediately knockdown your enemy chances are you are gonna get clipped as well. At that point, if a separate enemy attacks from a different angle you’re pretty much done for. This goes double for when you are shot first. When you’re in the middle of an open plain and start to get fired upon always spam walls around yourself. This does 2 essential things: 1. It gives you cover from the bullets, 2. It shows you where the shots are coming from.

2. Engaging an Enemy Without Materials

3 Rookie Mistakes You Should Never Make in Fortnite - Materials

The most annoying thing when looting an enemy after a well-fought firefight is picking up their loot only to notice that they have none or next-to-no materials. As mentioned previously, building is essential in Fortnite: Battle Royale. But before you can build you need to mine materials or mats. After picking up enough weapons for a starter loadout, players should always immediately start farming materials. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors farm whatever is available. In houses, farm furniture and walls if you have to. Engaging an enemy with no mats is a quick way to lose the game. A good golden rule when pushing enemies is this: if they are alone and in a building gather at least 100 materials before pushing, if they have teammates and are out in the open, gather 300-600 materials before pushing.

Once you learn how to build to defend yourself and build to push opponents, you’ll be surprised how fast you’ll burn through 600 mats. So as soon as you have a couple weapons to get you started, start farming as much as possible before joining the fight.

1. Architecture 101 – Building Too Wide

3 Rookie Mistakes You Should Never Make in Fortnite - Building Wide

It does look beautiful and I’m sure it’s fun to build massive forts, but I never understand why some players waste so many materials building the empire state building when it’s likely they’ll have to abandon the fort to move to the next bubble. Thus it’s rare to ever see a streamer or high-caliber player build bigger than a 1 x 1 (length and witdh) or a 1 x 2 base. Building too wide puts you at a large disadvantage. Firstly, lets say you build a 2 x 2 base, meaning two squares wide and two squares long for a total of 4 squares. By doing this you have to walk the span of two squares to get to each side of your base. If you’re defending with a team of four then this is no problem, but if your solo or even duo, this base is too big to defend easily.

3 Rookie Mistakes You Should Never Make in Fortnite - Basic Bases

On the other hand, in a simple 1 x 1 fort, all the player has to do is pretty much turn their head to peek over each side of the base in less than a second. In a 1 x 1 you can spot the enemy faster and defend against enemies who push you a lot easier. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep your bases 1 x 1 and 2-4 sections high depending on your elevation.

That’s all for out 3 Rookie Mistakes. Have some common mistakes of your own? Let us know what they are in the comments below! Tag a friend that makes one of these mistakes.


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